Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Unclog Arteries With A Mix Of Lemon And Garlic


We all know that lemon and garlic are among the healthiest foods in the world. The garlic thins the blood and stops blood clots to form and lessens risk of stroke and heart attack. The herb also lowers hypertension. Then the lemon gives you antioxidants and keeps control over the bad cholesterol off the arteries.
Since these two are really healthy, when combined they burst with health benefits. Regardless if you have artery problems, heart diseases or just need to be healthier, you can gain a lot from this mix.
But, follow the steps by the way and still consult the doctor just in case. Even though this is natural, you have to make sure it is safe for you.

Here are the 3 ways to cleanse arteries:
6 lemons and 30 garlic cloves. Method: peel lemons and cut them up. Then peel garlic and chop it. Blend everything and put it in metal pot. Add 2 liters water and let it boil a bit. Then leave it to simmer for 10 minutes and let it cool aside. Put in a glass container and refrigerate. For 3 whole weeks, have 50 ml of this solution and pause for a week. Then have 50 ml again for 20 days and repeat every 6 months.
6 lemons and 30 garlic cloves. Peel both these items and chop them in pieces. Put them in the cooking machine and add water. This batch is now placed in metal pot and the process is done again with the rest of the amount. On medium heat, let this boil and cool aside. Strain and put in a glass. Refrigerate. Have 1 glass per day for 3 weeks, then stop taking this and have it again for 3 weeks. Repeat once in 12 months.

1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup ginger juice, 1 cup garlic juice, 1 cup ACV and 3 cups honey. In a pot, mix the lemon, ginger, ACV and garlic. Let them boil on medium heat and for 30 minutes. Let it cool and add in the honey. Replace in a bottle and refrigerate.  Have 1 tbsp in the mornings and before the breakfast too. Consume it all.