Sunday, 11 December 2016

Use Vicks For Cellulite, Firm Skin And Fat Removal


The Vicks VapoRub is found in every first aid kit in every household. Usually it is used for migraine, headaches, cold, cough, congested nose, irritated throat and chest pain too. its uses go beyond that even up to even weight loss and much more.
The Vicks was known and used for decades back and it became popular as the best anti-congesting agent over the counter. Recently, experts stated some strange, but equally good effects of the Vicks.
Here you can see the best 20 benefits of Vicks.
1. Mosquito repelling
To keep these insects away, apply Vicks on the skin.
2. Sinus headaches

If you have sinus problems, apply a bit of Vicks under the nose and breathe deeply. The menthol in it will relieve headache and make you breathe better.
3. Drying acne
For clear skin get Vicks. Put some on the acne or pimple and soothe the skin while the acne dries out.
4. Repelling insects
Keep the bugs at bat by putting Vicks on you, some body parts like knee, elbows, neck, inner knee and ears or behind ears. For picnic use, put an open bottle of Vicks near you and insects won’t come.
5. Bruises
Mix dash of salt and apply on the bruise.
6. Less muscle soreness
Massage the muscle with Vicks, gently, and once you did this, pat dry with towel. Repeat this 3 times daily.
7. Moisturizer of skin
For dry skin, apply Vicks.
8. Tennis elbow

For tennis pain removal, use Vicks since the menthol inside will cool sore muscles.
9. Cracked heels
Put a lot of Vicks on the feet before you get the socks. In the morning, rinse feet and use pumice stone.
10. Toe/fingernail fungi
Put Vicks on that area if infection 2 times per day. Then put socks on and always trim the nails regularly.
11. Cough and chest congestion
Direct topical use
12. Prevented cat scratch
To save walls, windows, doors from the cat’s claws, put Vicks everywhere.
13. Healing of splinters and cuts
These heal faster once you put Vicks on them.
14. Reek-free racehorse
Cacers use the Vicks to apply it on the horse’s nostrils before the race. This way they are not distracted by female horses and focus more on the race.
15. No pet urinating in the house
Open Vicks in the rooms and pets won’t urinate on the carpets.
16. Stretch marks
To make them less visible, apply Vicks. After 2 weeks, you will see results.
17. No eczema
Topical usage
18. Ear pain
Dip cotton in Vicks and put it in the painful ear. After few hours you will have relief. Also use garlic for severe pain. Microwave it for a few seconds and put Vicks in its ends. Then put it in the ear.
19. Athlete’s foot
Put Vicks on the foot topically
20. Wart removing
Cover the wart with Vicks and put a gauze. Then put socks on. After few days there is relief. Keep up for 2 weeks and the wart will be gone.