Saturday, 3 December 2016



The last 25 years Japanese women hold the world record as the longest living on Earth because they live 84 and a half years on average and on top of that it seems as if they never gain weight. So what is the secret of Japanese women?

Naomi Moriyama in her book leads readers into the world of her mother’s kitchen in Japan and reveals the answers for long and healthy life. Moriyama says that foods that help in weight loss are just part of everyday Japanese cuisine and they are consumed regularly. Healthy and long life foods are fish, seaweed, fruits, soy, rice, vegetables and green tea.

All these ingredients have anti-aging properties and contribute a great deal for losing weight in healthy way. It is important that the Japanese consume about 10 percent of all fish in the world, although they make up 2 percent of the world population.
Moriyama also said that since childhood parents teach their children to eat slowly and to appreciate every bite. The rules are that you never should completely fill the bowl or serve huge portions and that each food must be served separately.
She also states that Japanese cuisine is reasonably easy, the food is prepared slowly and the food is usually cooked, briefly grilled, or cooked by steaming. Instead of bread, the Japanese eat rice during every meal and that is actually one of the main differences between how people eat in the East and the West.
The Japanese breakfast is considered the most important and most meals and it may consist of a number of foods and drinks, but mainly includes green tea, rice cooked by steaming, soup, tofu, young garlic, seaweed, omelet or a piece of fish. Sweet desserts in Japan are rarely eaten, but when they are on the menu, they are mainly served in small portions.

Besides the food, exercise is part of the daily routine in Japan.