Sunday, 4 December 2016

Words of Wisdom By The Doctors: Parents Stop Giving Your Kids Hot Dogs At This Moment


In the United States medical practitioners have pointed out loud that parents should stop feeding their kids with hot dogs.
We are familiar with the news that people in America consider hot dogs to be their favorite food and it has been found out that they eat approximately 155 million hot dogs just on 4th of July, their independence day, this is a huge number..
Studies have pointed out that kids who eat more than 12 hot dogs during one month have 9 times bigger chances of getting leukemia.
Researches also pointed out that pregnant women who consume just one hot dog during one week are very much at risk likely to give birth to a kid who is possible to suffer from brain tumor.

It comes also the same with dads who consume before impregnating their wives, this means that they also influence on having a child which may have problems with cancer.
What is supposed to have made this problem is the nitrite additives found in the hot dogs.
Nitrite additives are part of hot dogs as a possible source of fighting botulism but also show a lot detrimental health problems to the person who consumes the hot dogs.
When hot dogs are being prepared the amines and nitrates get mixed. Amines are normal to be found out in meat, but when they are mixed with nitrates they are highly carcinogenic elements.
The public says that it is better stop consuming hot dogs completely, however if you are not able in doing this this you should drastically limit the amount of eating of this so called an all favorite American snack.