Wednesday, 4 January 2017

28 Year Old Mother Died Due To Uterus Cancer – These Are The Symptoms She Ignored


You should NEVER IGNORE these potential warnings for uterus cancer. You should always visit a doctor. Let this story of a young mother who lost her fight with it be a lesson to all of you.
This story is about Amanda Booth, 28 years old, mother of three, who lost her battle with cancer because she was scared to go to the doctor and make a cervix test. This test can diagnose uterus cancer even in its early stages.
She made the mistake to go to the doctor after she has noticed unexpected bleeding. But at that stage it was too late. The cancer was already spread out through out all of her body.
Amanda’s last hope was chemotherapy, but that didn’t do much for her. Unfortunately, she lost the battle.

Amanda spend her final days encouraging other women to not make her mistake and visit a doctor and make the cervix test regulary.
“ I would say to all women: go and get your smear tests done. I wish I had.” – she told the local newspaper.
If you notice some of the following symptoms – visit a doctor immediately.

Uterus Cancer early symptoms:

  • Vaginal discharge with bad smell
  • Vaginal pain during sex

  • Bleeding between menstrual periods
  • Pain in the lower belly, pelvis or during urination