Monday, 30 January 2017

A Silent Killer That Every Girl Wears, Every Parent Needs to See This!


You have probably noticed that some women wear an extra hair tie on their wrists. If you are one of them, read this article carefully and  make sure you remove it immediately. This seemingly convenient and innocent act can seriously harm your health.
This article will present you a story of a woman who did the common habit of wearing a hair tie on her wrist. After reading this, you will think twice before doing this ever again.
Audree Kopp, from Philadelphia was the first one to notice a large bump on her wrist. She thought it was a spider bite and she treated it accordingly. Despite her treatment, the bump kept getting bigger and worse.

Then, she went to a doctor to seek a medical advice. She was prescribed antibiotics and sent home. However, there were no signs of improvement so she decided to go back to the doctor.
She ended up in the ER and the doctors decided that she would need surgery in order to control the infection.
After the examination, the results diagnosed a serious infection resulting from certain bacteria such as strep, staph and poly negative bacteria.
The bacteria have been formed in the hair tie and has penetrated deeply into Kopp’s pores, causing an infection.

Kopp’s case should be a warning for all those women who practice wearing hair tie on their wrists. In her case, it was a glitter hair tie that caused the infection. Nobody deserves to deal with such a serious condition caused simply by a hair tie. So, be careful of this particular habit.
Fortunately, Kopp reacted on time before the infection has spread and now her wrist is okay. Once more, stay away from these hair ties, especially on your wrists.