Sunday, 1 January 2017



For thousands of years, early records state that the Han Dynasty in China knocked out patients prior to surgery with a ganja/grape combo, simply infusing the cannabis into wine.
Far more recently however – in the 80s, wine makers from the US state of California would try and infuse cannabis into wine whilst simulataneously keeping it under wraps from the authorities. The wine makers would share and sell these fermanted “pot wines” at special parties or gatherings. The war on drugs made it extremely risky at the time.
The laws on Marijuana are changing and that has great implications for this “Pot Wine”! More wine makers are slowly coming out of the woodwork again and starting  to produce this cannabis commodity alongside other classics such as space cakes.

The rocker Melissa Etheridge battled through breast cancer prior to creating her own brand of cannabis wine branded “No Label” which includes her vast variety of cannabis-infused wine tinctures.

Adding about a pound of cannabis into a wine cask is generally the standard amount done by wine makers across the world. Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Grenaches are the typical wines used for the cannabis to be infused into. According to the wine makers, the fermantation process combines the wine and THC together to generate a very unique “high” for the user.

How to make it yourself? 
You need to add the ganja into the casket of wine and leave to ferment for a long period of time to draw out the THC from the cannabis and for it to go into the wine itself.