Tuesday, 3 January 2017



Several diabetes types exist, but the type 2 is most dangerous there is. It takes up even 95% of all such cases. It requires severe life changes, healthy diet, workouts and meds too. Some people do not need the insulin, but a lot more need it to control the blood glucose.
There is one easy cure – smart insulin patch.
This smart patch has real and natural both beta cells. To use this, it must be on the skin and give insulin when you need it. You don’t have to go through pain when you need this hormone and inject yourself too. Also, this way diabetics are not obliged to monitor the glucose in blood.

This patch was made last year and since the creation it was much improved:
  • In mice, it controls sugar more than 10 hours
  • Older patches had insulin, but new ones have real beat cell
  • Since they are live with the beta cells, they can be used for longer periods. There is no overusing here
  • The cells beta are far from the skin so there is no autoimmune side effect

Diabetics can even use this at home. The beta cells are found in pancreas and those people with damaged  beta cells have not insulin at least not enough, thus their sugar is out of normal range. The patch has small needles and make the beta cells go in the blood flow.. they are so small, resembling eyelashes.
Note: The patch is not yet tested for human use, but have hopes in the future and there will be many new improvements in diabetes treating.