Thursday, 19 January 2017



The moment you are in a relationship and start a new life together, it is better to be prepared for all the good and bad things that happen in life. The idea of sharing sometimes leads to misunderstandings and embarrassing situations. Just like a Glasgow businessman who woke up one morning wondering “what is happening to me?”
When he woke up and took his socks off, he was instantly shocked. He noticed his right foot had turned into a shade of orangey-black. His mind was quickly trying to figure out what would cause it to do that.
He began to panic, searching for answers on the internet.

He suspected he had developed some kind of foot infection or frostbite, or worse, Raynaud’s phenomenon where the body’s blood supply struggles to reach extremities. Just when he was about to call 911, his partner Stephanie Wylie entered the room.
The 32-year-old model knew immediately what caused her partner’s black foot. She couldn’t stop giggling.
“Woke up to a black foot this morning, thought it was the old Raynaud’s Phenomenon. S*** my pants for a good 30 mins then found out that the missus decided to use my socks as a fake tanning mitt #blackandwhite,” he wrote on Facebook.
The sports socks are known to be a good substitute for a tanning mitt. Unfortunately, it gave Michael very scary looking feet.
Stephanie confessed that she had applied her fake tan using his socks. After applying the tanning lotion, she turned the sock inside out and put it back in Michael’s drawer, which he then unknowingly wore.
He shared that when she explained everything, he burst out laughing.

“I’ve got millions of tanning mitts but when I couldn’t find one, I grabbed a sock and put a rubber glove on and it worked perfectly fine.” Stephanie wrote on Facebook. Later, she posted another picture with the caption, “This is the front of his foot his nails.”
Strangers from all over the world have started a series of pictures depicting the same tale. A user named Johnny Thompson shared a picture of his foot and wrote, “Your (sic) not alone.”