Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sorry Guys, But Too Much Masturbation Can Kill You. Here’s The Proof!

Here’s something we all do, but never admit to it. In the reserved corners of bathroom, late night in bed…you get the drift. But did you know that taking matter in your own hands can be fatal, and might lead to your death.
In 1844, an extract was published from ‘The Book with No Title’ (Le livre sans titre) and it revealed that masturbation can have fatal consequences. Here’s the proof:
Too Much Self Pleasuring Disturb The Dopamine Level In Brain Which Lead To Addiction. As such, self pleasuring is not bad for health but too much of it results in never ending needs to j*rk off. Attaining this situation is very bad for health.

Excessive Self Pleasuring Kills Your Interest In Everyday Activity. Excessive pleasuring not only plays just with your health but also with your brain. It makes you to lose interest in everyday activities. It even kill your creativity.
Testosterone Levels Can Decrease Due To It. Testosterone is a vital hormone that we absolutely need as a man. It plays a major role in our health. Too much self pleasuring can decrease its level.
Excessive Pleasuring Make You Look Older Than Your Age.

Obsessive Self Pleasuring May Cause You to Act More Immature