Monday, 2 January 2017



Corn is favorite food to many people. Today corn is one of the most consumed and produced foods in the world. In many other foods the corn is contained such as in the chicken nuggets or to the French fries.
Also corn is present in yogurt, peanut butter, pudding, mayonnaise, ketchup, fruit juices, salad dressing, sodas (even some diet sodas), baked cookies and many more.
But on the human health, this excessive consumption of corn can have a negative effect. The worst omega-6 and omega-3 ratio of all grains is what the corn has according to many studies. As we know the omega 3 fatty acids are helping in the process of producing of the hormones that have anti-inflammatory properties, and the omega-6 fatty acids are helping in the process of producing the hormones that support inflammation.

Our body will lose the control over the inflammatory response if the amount of omega 6 supersedes the amount of omega 3 and this will eventually end up with some serious consequences such as increase cholesterol, depression, asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
  1. We all know that corn is a grain but it is really unhealthy grain. The nutritional value of the starch and sugars in the corn is almost zero according to many laboratory tests. The first plant even that has been genetically modified is the corn and this is the main reason why it is not smart to consume corn.
  1. The protein that is in the corn confuses the human body together with the gluten (or to be more specific it confuses the immune system). This causes troubles in the function in the digestive system and corn can increase the risk of inflammatory because it has high glycemic index.
  1. The human body has trouble with digesting the corn because there is fiber cellulose in the corn. Cellulose cannot be completely digested by the human body and this is according to doctors. What can lead to conditions like leaky gut is the fact that corn just like other grains contains prolamins (class of proteins that cannot be properly digested by the human body).

  1. In the corn there are lectins which are actually proteins that in order for the human body to digest them are turned into amino acids. Because of the problem with the breaking down this grain, there can be inflammation and irritation of the gut.
  1. Corn contains Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) which is bacterium used as pesticide. More dangerous ‘things’ are in the corn that are not organic in nature. The content of the pesticides in the corn can lead to serious health issues that will make your life harder.
  1. 85% of the corn in America is actually genetically modified, and this has been found out on a study that was published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences.