Thursday, 12 January 2017



It is true, experts have found the fruit that can cure cancer and it is 10.000 times better than chemo. The bad news is that we are all far from this news and forbidden to know it since pharmacies cannot have profits if we have this fruit available.

Read more below and be more informed! We have said, experts think this is the best carcinoma anti-agent in the world!

This topic is worth 3 million – the name of the fruit. It is Guanabana, soursop fruit and killer of cancer cells.

Why this was hidden?

Honestly, it is easy to say this – organizations cannot have natural patent items, they want to make synthetic meds and profit a lot. Now you can inform other people about this too. The taste is nice and there are no side effects like chemo. Also, you can plant it yourself AND every part of it can be used!

The must know facts

This fruit requires little space and the tree is short. In Brazil they call it Soursop, in Latin America guanabana and in English is the same which term you choose. The fruit is sweet, big and eaten raw. It is used for pastries, juices and smoothies as well. The cancer fighting abilities are amazing. It has other qualities too, but it is best in tumor effect of curing.
Also, know that some people actually used it for cancer curing.
Experts think also that this fruit can be antibiotic too and kills fungi and parasites, so the pressure gets normal, you don’t have depression and stress related issues.
This info comes from the biggest drugs manufacturer and ever since 1970, 20 tests were made for this issue and 12 cancer types were recorded to benefit from this plant. Cancer types like breast, colon, prostate, lung, pancreas and more.

You must be amazed after this info – this plant will stop cancer to grow 10.000 times more than chemo itself (Adriamycin, its agent). Even more, curing with this plant kills just the cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells healthy.

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