Friday, 13 January 2017

You’ll Never Throw Your POMEGRANATE Skin Again: It’s One of the Most Powerful Cures in the World…

Pomegranate is a very healthy fruit, and apart from eating its insides, you can also benefit plenty from its skin, which can be used to make a treatment for a number of health problems.
If you want to try it, you need to first wash its skin well. Then, you should pay close attention to the ratio of the skin versus boiling water, which should be 1:20.

Thus, in a heated pot or a cup, put 10-12 grams of dried pomegranate peel and add 200 ml of boiling water. Cover with a saucer. Then, let it stay for 25-30 minutes before you drink it. Drink half a cup or the whole, and you will have begun your treatment…
This amazing all-natural remedy can be used for treating dysentery, appendicitis, and typhoid. On the other hand, if you want to treat your ulcers, small intestine problems, or your colitis (inflammatory bowel disease), you will need to first dry its skin and then consume it in a similar matter, but with the following schedule:
Just like the first example, you will need to leave the remedy for 25-30 minutes before you drink it. You should take 90-100 ml per day, in approximately 4 equal doses (20-25 ml) and at regular intervals.

One way would be to start your consumption in the morning, on an empty stomach, right after waking up, and the last, or fourth dose, right before bedtime. Drink the remedy every second day, but remember to take a 7-day break from your first treatment session before you repeat the treatment.