Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Cancer Can Be CURED And This Doctor Refused To Keep Quiet – He Shared The Truth With The World!


Professor Colin T. Campbell was recently at a great crossroad in his life; he needed to choose one between his professional career and sharing the new scientific discoveries that would change the world for the better with everyone.
At his door asking questions about his new discoveries, even the CIA showed up, while his colleagues advised him not to continue the controversial research. Also, he was threatened with being fired, but despite all this, Dr. Campbell chose the truth.

Colin T. Campbell is a professor of nutritional biochemistry at the Cornell University and during his latest research, he found that the main reason behind chronic diseases and even cancer was consuming animal products including meat, milk, and fish.
He even found a connection between breast cancer and “casein”, – a protein found in milk.
According to him, doctors can’t be nutritionists as they don’t have the professional training to give diet advice.
However, when it comes to him, he’s spent more than 50 years in publicly financed labs, and he now wants to share the results of his research with the world as well as the fact that simple diet changes can prevent heart disease, reduce the risk of cancer and even treat cancer itself.
According to the research, consuming animal products activates cancer cells, while reducing the intake of meat reduces the risk of cancer.
In other words, a high-protein diet increases the proliferation of cancer cells and provides oxygen to free radicals, which are often the cause of cancer.
He also pointed out that the cure for cancer is believed it or not – in plants.
During his life, he was convinced that milk was of a great nutritional value. But, when he began his academic career, he studied dietary protein among children in the Philippines and was completely blown when he found a link between animal protein and liver cancer.

Although he expected a limited response from the public, his book sold over a million copies and was translated into 25 different languages. In 2013 he wrote another bestseller book in which he mentions how casein is the worst carcinogenic ever identified.
And although his research was not approved for human clinical trials, smaller studies showed that plant-based diet could treat heart disease.
But despite this, the public still prefers consuming animal products. While it may be true that milk is more beneficial than soda drinks, studies show that milk doesn’t improve the quality of bones in the later years, but quite the opposite – it increases the risk of osteoporosis later in life.