Friday, 3 February 2017

Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean – And It’s Going To Get Worse


Based in Fukushima, Japan, the Nuclear Power Plant “Fukushima”, was a main source for power in the region. An earthquake and tsunami, struck the country in early-2011 (March 11,2011) which has inundated the plant.

Since the disaster occurred, the damage hasn’t been contained. The nuclear plant still emits over 300 tons of radioactive waste into the expansive Pacific Ocean each day. People have wondered, what is the most dangerous nuclear disaster in world history? Most would chime in, that Chernobyl in Ukraine would be the worst. In fact, it isn’t the worst. 

When the three nuclear reactors at Fukushima suffered a meltdown of tragic proportions, it released the largest amount of radiation into our sea waters in history. What we are finding now, is the the Japanese could be wrong. Their numbers might not even reflect the exact amount of radiation in the Pacific. Its been proven so by several scientists, that the number estimates that were summed up are flawed.

With that going on, Fukushima is still leaking radiation to this day. This will continue as there is no remote way to access the site of the leak, by human or robot, due to extreme hot temperature. It is no shock that the Pacific is fully contaminated now, after 5 years of no success. This is the worst ecological disaster of our time. 

This hasn’t been vocally spoken of by our politicians, mainstream media and our establishment scientists. What is even more scandalous to note of, is that General Electric (GE), one of America’s own, and largest company in the entire world. This company has broad connections and control over various politicians and corporations. It even is a subsidiary for TEPCO. Interestingly, there is evidence to help further explain that GE had known well about the poor structure of the reactors in Fukushima for longer than a few decade, and did nothing to note on that. It has alarmingly prompted 1,400 citizens of Japan to sue General Electric.

Even though the radiation isn’t clearly visible, there are parts of North America’s western coast has been reaping the effects for years. It wasn’t too long after, that Canada was starting to see their fish incurring radioactive poisoning, leading to bleeding mouths, eyeballs and gills. 

The Canadian government has been ignoring the fact that native fish populations have been decimated, including the North Pacific herring. Throughout Western Canada, independent scientists have found there to be a 300% increase in radioactive properties. According to the independent scientists, both the Canadian and U.S. government have barred their citizens from communicating about Fukushima and keeping the public away from mass panic. 

In Oregon, U.S,  starfish have begun to lose limbs and disintegrate completely since the radiation floated to the states shores in 2013. Starfish are now dying off in record amounts, which is putting the ecosystem of the ocean at risk. 
Even though government officials say Fukushima isn’t to blame for the tripled amount of radiation even though the radioactive levels tripled in Oregon Tuna after the explosion of Fukushima. California beaches saw an increase of radiation at 500%, in 2014. The government then responded by saying the radiateon was being emitted from an “unknown” source that wasn’t of anything worth worrying about. 

Fukushima has had a tremendously severe effect on the Pacific ocean and its ecological system. Scientists are explaining that the Pacific is already filled with radiation, and is filled with 5-10 times more radioactive than when the U.S. government had nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific, during and after World War II. We could all be in for a tough situation and much panic, if we do not start communicating with each other about Fukushima.