Friday, 3 February 2017

Happy 80th Birthday To The Fittest Grandma On The Planet


If you’ve ever felt like you’re too old to do something, then this story will prove you wrong whilst giving you all the inspiration you need to keep fit and healthy. Its never too late…

Meet Ernestine Shepherd, the 80 year old, body-building grandma from Baltimore. This iron-pumping, muscle ripping pensioner is defying the ageing process by going from strength to strength, quite literally.

Ernestine, unlike most pensioners, didn’t actually start exercising until she was 56 years old, but now holds a Guinness World Record in body-building. However when her sister passed away due to a brain aneurysm, Ernestine began neglecting her health until she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and decided to get back into the gym once and for all.
Her current lifestyle involves waking up at around 3 am every day, eating a low-calorie diet including: boiled egg whites, chicken and vegetables, and jogging over 80 miles every week! She tells her story in the following video, which is quite remarkable to say the least…
If you take anything at all from this incredible story, it should be that you are never too old or too “anything” to achieve something. If you put your mind to something then anything in your imagination is possible. Thumbs up to Ernestine for inspiring us all.

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