Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Only two Ingredients – Recipe that is 6000 Years Old: Cleans the Fat in the Blood, Regulates High Blood Pressure…


This recipe may be the oldest ever, and people are still amazed to have the opportunity to use something ancient Greeks used. It was commonly used in the Middle East as well.
In Greece these delicacies are known as “pastels.”
Even Homer mentioned these in his Iliad. Find them under the name Intrion. This is the tastiest snack you will ever have, not to mention its amazing health benefits.
You probably wonder what makes these pastels that great.
It’s the fact that they are made from only two amazing ingredients – sesame and honey which is why sometimes these delicacies are known as honey pies.

Health benefits

The content of these pastels will take your health to another level. They are not only healthy, but also offer healthy portion of zinc, iron, fiber, magnesium, calcium, copper, vitamins and other vitamins as well. These are practically all the nutrients you need.
Researchers have found that both ingredients work in a synergy to regulate cholesterol levels in blood.
The pastels will also regulate your heart beat, blood pressure and circulation.
Enjoy these every day to get an instant energy boost to get through our daily activities.
Regular use of these pastels will help you deal with chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression.
The mighty duo will help you cope with chronic stress, and you should notice an improvement within a few weeks.
Pastels will give you over 182 elements that are beneficial for your overall health.
The abundance of antioxidants will prevent the development of abnormal cancer cells, and other diseases that harm the body at cellular level.
One or two pastels before every important occasion will give you an instant energy boost, and will fuel the organism.
Try this recipe, and tell us what you think.
First, let’s go through the instructions.


  • 300g tahini
  • 300g natural honey
*Tahini can be bought in every healthy food store.
Make your own tahini. It’s super easy and quick.
Use raw sesame seeds and high-quality oil of your choice. Add 2 tablespoons of oil for every cup or half cup of sesame. It all depends on the consistency you’re looking for. Sesame, olive or sunflower oil are commonly used.
Slightly brown the seeds in a dry pan until golden.

This will take about 5-10 minutes, and don’t forget to stir them around constantly. Don’t burn the seeds, because you don’t want your tahini to have a bitter taste.
Let the seeds cool down, and blend them along with your oil. You can always add more or less oil if you want.


Combine both ingredients in a bowl, but first discard the oil from the surface of your tahini paste.
Although both ingredients are semi-liquid, they get thicker after you combine them together.
Add a handful of crushed nuts.
It can be walnuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts or mixture of them all.
Some tend to bake the mixture, but we don’t suggest that you do that because you will destroy the good nutrients.
Form your pastels, and roll them in whole sesame seeds.
Transfer the pastels on a platter, and keep them in your fridge.
Eat 203 pastels every day, and keep in mind that these are brilliant energy bombs, so try to go moderate.