Monday, 27 February 2017

Regulate Hormones, Blood Sugar And More Issues With Just Fenugreek


Fenugreek is the plant that is edible and found in many parts of west Asia and Europe too. A lot of people consume the leaves and some small brown seeds are more medicinal. This plant was even used in ancient Egypt ever since 1500 BCE. The seed is also used as spice in the Middle East and South Asia regions. In India, the greens are in almost all dishes.
Ancient experts in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine use this herb for many health issues. They include skin issues, slow metabolism, fatigue, digestion issues and more. This plant is also known as trigonella foenum-graecum and was medicine for more than thousand years with these uses:
Ancient Greeks and Romans used this for the livestock and sick animals. So they named it fenugreek or greek hay.
Herb experts use this for digestion issues and serious problems too. Since it has many fibers, it stops constipation and helps in ulcerative colitis.
The fenugreek also is good for the heart, or issues like atherosclerosis, triglycerides and cholesterol. With just 2.5 g 2 times daily in 3 months, you can resolve this issue.
This plant cures diabetes and controls it. Many studies support this herb for this problem since it lowers the sugar. The seeds have lots of fiber and chemicals that slow down the digestion and working with carbs and sugars inside. Have the seeds daily and you will also make more insulin.
Studies also show that fenugreek heals the body and balances the endocrine work. In this, testosterone gets boosted and sexual libido in men too. A study proved that 600 mg of this plant daily for 6 weeks can improve the libido.
This plant is safe for everyone and must go along a healthy diet. But just in case talk with your doctor before you start this. The seeds are easily edible in any dish as spices. Or make fenugreek tea or add it as powder in yoghurt.