Wednesday, 1 February 2017

She Was An Alcoholic And Had 140 Pounds! She Decided To Transform And Today She Looks Amazing!

Courtney Maguire (30) from Texas struggled with alcoholism, addiction to junk food and depression for years. Almost she accepted the situation, but her strong will changed everything!
In the worst phase in 2014, she reached a weight of 140 kilograms. She spent days and nights drinking alcohol and enjoying fast food. She attracted men, but only those who have a fetish towards obese girls. Then she decided it is enough.

First she gave up alcohol, and there she lost majority of pounds. Then she decided to surgically reduce the stomach. Two years later, dropped to 65 pounds, and she finished the transformation with surgery of the tummy tucks and breast lift.
– I avoided face myself for years. I was running away from mirrors, scales, and cameras. I felt bad when I talked to my guys only like “fat girls” because I realized that they do not see a human being but a piece of meat. And when I tell them that I want to lose weight, they would have left me – says this girl.
She lost majority of kilograms when she gave up alcohol. However, also fast food was the problem. Courtney was able to go to a fast food restaurant, ordered five meals and eat them all herself.

– That’s why I knew I had to do the surgical reduction of the stomach, because I needed something physically prevent the overeat – she says. After surgery, she says, she lived almost exclusively on protein shakes. After she followed strict instructions of diet from nutritionists and regularly practiced, and today she looks amazing.
– I was exposed to failure for years, so the first lost kilograms were incredible surprise. Then I decided to go. Now I know I can do anything – I went back to college, I have not touched alcohol or drugs for two years and now I know I deserve a boyfriend who will love me and respect me. I am no longer prepared to satisfy anything – she concludes.