Sunday, 5 February 2017


People might age faster if sit too much. This is new study that discovered how some habits can make disorders in our biological clock and natural processes. Women that spend more time in sitting per day have increased possibility to look older than other women in the same age as them. This is because of the lack of physical activity and exercises. The whole body is always in the same position, does not makes efforts to greater challenges, does not lifts weight and activate muscles.

 Exercises are not only for burning calories and losing weight, but also for toning body, reducing wrinkles and bringing refreshment and energy. People who spend around 10 hours of sitting daily after 5 years will look order for 3 years than their age. This case is especially important for women since their body is more sensitive on wrinkles and cellulite.
Therefore, at least 40 minutes of exercises per day are required for all people, no matter of their age, gender and other circumstances.