Wednesday, 1 February 2017

[Video] Taiwanese Beautician’s Painless Way To Pop Pimples Is Oddly Satisfying To Watch

Especially for for teens, having pimples on your face is truly annoying and can devastate an important social gathering.
Before that escalates into something that makes up a horrendous pimple-popping video, this Taiwanese beautician came up with a simple solution – by removing the oil from the pores.

In a Youtube video, beautician Je Lin can be seen removing strands of sebum from a client’s pores using curved tweezers especially meant for pulling out the strands of sebum from the pores. According to Je Lin, the procedure is relatively painless.
Acne forms when hair follicles become blocked with excess sebum and dead skin cells. Plugged follicles are called whiteheads when it is located close to the surface of the skin while blackheads are plugged follicles which are open to the skin.

When bacterial flora on the skin invades the plug, it becomes infected, which in turn creates pustules or cysts.

Watch the video below: