Saturday, 18 February 2017



Wearing a bra while sleeping or not wearing one? It’s a dilemma that’s reached Shakespearean proportions among women, with pros and cons on both sides. This article will look at both the pros and cons and tell you which ones are true and which ones are just myths.
On one hand, there are women who say that it’s not advisable to wear one because it makes you feel constricted, it leaves marks on your body and then there’s the possibility of clogging the lymph nodes and increasing the risk of breast cancer, supposedly.
On the other hand, there are the sworn nighttime bra-wearers like Marilyn Monroe, who think that wearing a bra at all times, even while they sleep, will stop their breasts from sagging.  The things we do for beauty!
So which one of these is true?
According to health expert, those information are just myth. Speaking from a medical point of view, lymph nodes in the underarms works to naturally filter or drain the breast of lymph fluid and also to prevent infection, cancer cells, and other foreign materials from disrupting the system.

There’s no evidence that wearing bra while sleeping can block the pathway of the lymph nodes. So the claim that this practice will increase the risk of breast cancer should not be taken into account.
Now, let’s see the second information about how wearing bra all the time will prevent breast from sagging. We can say that there’s no science to back up this statement. In fact, breast sag is much attributed to age, genetics, pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Other than that, women that use bra cup size C and above should choose a soft sup style which is free from hardware or much fastener to prevent breast sagging. For those who use smaller bra size, there’s practically no benefit in wearing bra while sleeping.
With all that being said, wearing bra while sleeping does not increase breast cancer risk nor it will prevent breast sagging. So you can decide for yourself which option is more comfortable for you.

Because in fact, the issue of wearing bra during the night is more of a matter of comfort instead of medical health. So if you decide to use bra while sleeping, remember to choose the one made of natural fiber with a soft cup that is well-fitted and pleasant to be used and can support your breast properly.