Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Are you sitting dressed on the bedroom linen? STOP it immediately! It’s too dangerous!


Many people are doing it, but in fact, it is very dangerous.

Some are doing it accidentally, some because of ignorance, and many are sitting on the bedroom linen dressed in the clothes they wore for a whole day at work, at school, in the public transportation etc.

No matter we think that we haven’t got dirty, or our clothes still smells pretty, it’s not “safe” enough to sit on the bed in which we will sleep later in the night.

“The bacteria and other dangerous organisms, could survive for weeks and months on our clothes” – says the director of microbiology and immunology at the New York University, Philip Tierno.

With his research team, he conducted a research which showed that even the new clothes contain bacteria, noroviruses and staphylococci.

That’s why he recommends that every new clothing we buy, should be washed before putting it on, and everything else that we wear for 12 hours a day.
“Among the main reasons for acne on the back and chests is used clothing, and the thing gets worse if that clothing is not completely clean” – says Tierno.

He says that we should change our clothes right after coming home from work or school, because it is hygienic.

It is especially dangerous if we sit or lay on the bed or bedroom linen in the clothes we wore for the whole day. It is dangerous even if we do it for a short time, for a moment, because we risk to get acne on the body and face, but also dangerous infections.