Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Beauty tricks that will save you time and nerves!


There are so many cosmetic products and accessories that should facilitate makeup and to simplify the care, but some problems seem to be unsolvable.

For these complicated problems, we are offering you some useful tips that will save your time and nerves.
Hollywood cat eyes in 4 moves

Put a black eye pencil between the upper lashes and highlight the eyes with minimal effort

Arranged long hair in 5 minutes

To prevent the redness after shaving your bikini area, apply a roll-on deodorant or stick, or to prevent sliding of the bra under the shirt, or to hide the straps, fix them with plasters with a skin color

Contouring for visually narrower nose

The lips will always have volume if you apply a white pencil in the middle

The eye bags are easier to hide if you draw a triangle with corrector

Directions in which you should apply powder (just follow the arrow)

The lumps of the mascara are easier to remove with a toothbrush