Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Every parent should see this! This is a potential killer that every girl has!


The girls are often wearing hair clamps on their hands, but, are you one of them? That’s not the smartest thing to do, because it tightens your hand and disturbs the blood flow.

Audree Kopp wore a hair clamp on her hand, and one day she noticed a swelling and redness on her wrist.
First, she thought that some insect has bitten her. However, it turned out that it was not it. She went to her doctor and he gave her some antibiotics. It didn’t help, and in the end, they’ve found out that the swelling was caused by the hair clamp she used to wear on her hand.

Namely, they have found bacteria on the clamp which passed through the pores and led to infection. That’s why you should take care and make sure your hair clamps are always clean.

This girl wanted to warn all the girls, in order to avoid similar situations.