Monday, 20 March 2017

Have Lemon Water and No Pills – This Solves 12 Health Issues


The lemon has 64% daily need of vitamin C and also many phytochemicals like terpenes and polyphenols. Many experts say that the day has to be started with water and lemon juice.
To make this, boil water, let it cool a bit and add lemon juice. Warm lemon water before breakfast can give you many nutrients and make you healthier. The lemon also has vitamins B and C, phosphorus, antioxidants, volatile oils, protein, carbs, flavonoids and potassium. The juice kills bacteria and viruses and makes immunity boosted to fight any infection.

Start the day this way and make digestion better, fight cravings, lose weight, and be more alkaline to level the pH and acidity.

The benefits of warm lemon water:

  1. No acne – lemon reduces acidity and stops breakouts and acne. Wash the face with lemon and water and have smooth skin.
  2. Less cravings – this water stops unhealthy cravings and this is due to enzymes and vitamins that regulate blood sugar and make the weight regulated too. also there is pectin that improves digestion.
  3. Flushed kidney stones – this water has potassium, mineral that raises citrate levels in urine and stops oxalates.
  4. Boosted immunity – lemons also improve lymph health and remove pathogens.
  5. Gallbladder pains – have a glass of this water and remove gallstones and pain.

  6. Cold and flu – since it has antioxidants and vitamin C, lemons boost immunity and fight flu and cold. They also kill viruses and bacteria.
  7. Gerd – this water also soothes GERD gastrointestinal reflux disease.
  8. Hard finger nails -this water makes nails stronger and less fragile, clears nail white spots and stains.
  9. Food poisoning – have lemon water daily to prevent such poisonings when you travel.
  10. For fibromyalgia – mix lemon water and yoga all the time for this issue.
  11. Less inflammation
  12. No soreness in muscles after workout – after workouts have lemon water.
  13. Less joint pain and swelling – lemon lowers uric acid in joints, stops pain and swelling and gout too.
  14. Less alcohol craving – have lemon juice to avoid lots of alcohol and headaches.
  15. Colitis – this issue is imbalance of alkalinity and acidity. Cure it with lemon water to balance the pH in the blood.
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