Saturday, 4 March 2017

Put Turmeric on Your Toothbrush and You’ll Never Use Teeth Whitening Strips Again


We all want a set of pearly white teeth, so much so that Americans spend over a billion dollars a year on teeth whitening products. We can feel a sense of confidence with a bright white smile and the industry knows this making them profitable billionaires, but all of these over the counter teeth whitening products comes with a hefty price that may not be evident at first.

Years of drinking coffee, tea and fizzy drinks along with smoking are known to darken and discolour our teeth. These habits are primarily what make teeth whitening the single most requested cosmetic dental procedure. 

These peroxide-based gels in teeth whitening products bleach dark stains out of your teeth. Tooth whitening is a continuous process; your teeth may appear brighter after several treatments, but to maintain the whiteness, you’ll need to apply continuous applications.

The reason these products can be so effective and hence, so popular is because they damage your teeth! More specifically: They got popular by whitening your teeth, but they do that by damaging them. Many over the counter teeth whitening products contain chlorine dioxide, the same acid that is used to disinfect swimming pools. While this won’t necessarily be listed on the label, it’s a horrible ingredient to be putting inside of your mouth, or at the beginning of your digestive tract.

Teeth whitening kits get their effects by etching the surface of the tooth. This effectively destroys your protective tooth enamel, making teeth very sensitive. The acid can cause chemical burns on the gums, and the whole process can create permanent damage and can actually lead to the LOSS of your teeth (quite the opposite of what you want).

Wait, though, here is the best part on all of this. After all this work (and money) to self whiten your teeth with over the counter products, your teeth will also end up even more discoloured — since your protective enamel has been damaged, the teeth are left exposed and they become easily stained by both food and drink.

What’s great is that you can safely remove stains from your teeth without spending bills on a kit, natural teeth whitening does exist and costs only dimes in comparison to these damaging products with dirty secrets that I’ve shared above.

You may have heard of clay and activated charcoal for teeth whitening, both which are also safe to ingest (which they should be, since you are putting them in your mouth!), but there is a new kid on the block – and you might be surprised: Turmeric!

YES, turmeric. The bright yellow-orange spice which will stain your cutting board and your wooden spoon and is well researched for its active component ‘curcumin’ which is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Though turmeric is notorious for staining just about everything else, it actually removes the stains from your teeth and lightens overall tooth color. In the first application, you may notice an immediate improvement, or you may not. But if you practice this consistently for 2-3 days a week as part of your routine you will honestly be astounded by how much of a difference this makes!

So why use turmeric or other natural remedies? Not only will you be getting the nasty stuff out, but you are now getting some amazing stuff in! Build your health up instead of sacrificing it with toxic products.


  • Organic turmeric powder
  • A dedicated turmeric toothbrush (it stains!)


  • First, wet your toothbrush and then dip it in around 1/8 teaspoon turmeric powder.
  • Brush teeth as normal, but instead of rinsing when you are finished.
  • Allow the turmeric to chill out on your teeth for 3-5 minutes so it can perform its magic.

Spit and rinse thoroughly, then follow with a second brushing using your natural toothpaste. If you notice any yellow around the corners of your mouth, wash with soap a soap or face cleanser and it will rinse away. If any turmeric powder is left on your teeth or gums it will cause a slight yellow tint, but when the turmeric is thoroughly rinsed away you should notice a brighter, white smile.

Give this a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised with the positive result! Always buy an organic turmeric powder as conventional products may have been processed to contain additives and food dyes which could stain your teeth!