Monday, 20 March 2017

The 11 Reasons Why Dehydration Makes You Sick And Fat


Digestion issues, skin, bladder and kidney issues, headache, fatigue are some of the problems of dehydration. We need it same as air for breathing.
Have you known, when you are thirsty you ALREADY ARE dehydrated? You have to drink it all day long.
If you are not a morning bird, 2 glasses after waking up is a must. This boosts pressure and is better than coffee on empty belly.
Skip the juices, sodas, tea – they all dehydrate you. Salt and sugar too, makes you keep water deposited in the system or lacking it. so with the coffee at least have a glass of water along.

As a bonus, water speeds up metabolism and gives satiety. You eat less with more water and move more. Easy to lose weight too!

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