Sunday, 5 March 2017

This Woman Gives Away a Secret Recipe For The Remedy Against Lung, Breast, Pancreatic, Prostate And Colon Cancer


The number of cancer patients grows with every day that goes by. That’s sad and even frustrating, because the terrible disease has already taken too many lives.

Chemotherapy is a conventional method of treating cancer, but it consists of administering toxins in the body. The toxic treatment often leads to an undesired outcome, and unfortunately, the patient dies. However, chemo is still considered to be the top option.

Wonder why?

The only reason that the chemo treatment is still available is because of the insane amounts of money that industry makes from it. And don’t think for a second that the medical industry doesn’t get some form of compensation along the way.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are invasive solutions, and they are accompanied with a terrible number of side effects. The good news is that some natural alternatives can be as effective as chemo and radiotherapy.
Cristo Mermersky, a Russian scientist, found a natural recipe that helped thousands of cancer patients fight against the disease.
You take the whole recipe, and the cancer just disappears,” said Mermersky.
His recipe destroys abnormal cancer cells, cleanses blood vessels, strengthens the immune system, heals the heart, detoxifies your liver and kidneys.
This amazing combo improves the function of the brain, and speeds the healing process in people who suffered a heart attack.


  • 15 organic lemons
  • 12 organic garlic bulbs
  • 400 grams wheat sprouts
  • 400 grams organic walnuts
  • 35 ounces raw honey


How to get high-quality wheat sprouts? Put the wheat in a glass, and add just enough water to cover it. Pour out the water, and let the wheat sprout in the next 24 hours.
Grind your wheat and nuts together.
Add in the garlic cloves.

Grind 5 whole lemons, and juice the remaining 5.
Combine everything, and stir until you get a homogenous mixture. Stir in the honey, and make sure you use a wooden spoon.
Let the mixture rest in your fridge for three days.