Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Victory In Mexico: Indigenous Activists Win Major Court Rulings Against Monsanto


In a recent court ruling, it appears Monsanto may not get the free reign everywhere that they currently get in the United States. 

The most recent people to stand up to Monsanto? Indigenous activists in Mexico.

A court ruling from November 2015 requires Monsanto to consult with indigenous communities in the Yucatan before they can be granted permits for future GMO soy farming. 

Mayan beekeepers proved to be just influential enough in their efforts, as roughly 15,000 Mayan families, with the support of global organizations such as Grenpeace, were successful with their filed injunction.

Currently, about 30% of maize in Mexico and 30% of soy in the Yucatan are currently grown from GMO seeds, but this ruling gives many activists hope that the larger Latin American movement to stop Monsanto from continued expansion may be starting to get some legs underneath it.

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