Monday, 20 March 2017

What Happens In The Body 10 Hours After Using Nail Polish?


Even the most educated on  health forget that nail polish is bad for us. A recent study said many popular polish brands of USA are more harm than good.
Experts tested signs of chemicals and toxins in 24 females. There were toxins in their bodies, all of them. What is this chemical’ source? Nail polish.
The results showed 100% of people having triphenyl phosphate even 10 hours after the polish. This is alarming.
In a next study, same experts tested various 10 polishes for this same chemical and was seen in 8 samples. 2 of them were positive but did not had it labeled.
One of the biggest worries about this TPHP is that it damages endocrine system and all hormones. The lead expert Dr. Heather Stapleton said there is more evidence of TPHP affecting hormones, reproduction, metabolism, development…

This is bad for young girls that use polish all the time and their hormones still develop. But, TPHP is a health risk to anyone exposed. It also:
  • Is reproductive toxin
  • Endocrine toxin
  • Skin irritant
  • Allergen
  • Neurotoxin (development defects)
  1. Formaldehyde– this is a carcinogen dissolved in water and air, thus the polish smell. Exposure to this makes scratchy throat, asthma, hard breathing, so if you have chronic issues avoid this.
  2. Toluene– this one makes bad development in kids and breast milk is too damaged. Also when exposed to skin, it is irritant.
  3. Dibutyl phthalate– some polish brands swap this for TPHP, but is the same damage. It is the same health risk for hormones and reproduction.
The good part is that some companies decided to respond to this matter. And there are many awesome natural replacements that make no allergies, cancer or even hormone imbalance.
They are cheap and amazing:
  1. Honeybee Gardens– they have a line of natural polishes with many colors. They are water based and can be removed easily with rubbing alcohol. No chemicals, no carcinogens.
  2. Acquarella– they offer over 50 polishes, all water-based , have no formaldehyde, toluene, mercury, ditbutyl phthalate or wheat.

  3. SpaRitual – has no toxins and is all vegan!
  4. Peacekeeper Cause-Metics- they have many bright colors with argan oil and no toxins. Amazing for moisture to nails.
The mani pedi regime must be fun and healthy too. You and your kids must pay attention to this. Switch to better polishes and keep the same money you spent before.

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