Wednesday, 15 March 2017

What is the first thing your guest are noticing in your home?!


What is the first thing you do when you have guests at home? What if they announce 15 minutes before coming? You’re hiding the basket with dirty clothes immediately? You’re lighting a candle? You’re putting the dirty dishes as fast as you can in the dishwasher? What if your relatives come for couple of days? Will you succeed to refresh the living space?

Right in that moment you will find out how important task is to clean the house. That’s why, we are going to show you the list of things that people notice after going in somebody else’s home.
The furniture layout

The first thing your guests are going to notice is the furniture layout. Some of them are think mentally and will dislocate the furniture around your home, or they will notice that your paintings are positioned lower on your wall.

How clean is your home

The tidiness, purity of the home and the organization in it, are noticed immediately by most of the guests. Admit it, you are also noticing that in other houses.

Art and books

People are interested in what kind of art you like, what books and magazines you read. Finally, it says a lot about us, as person.


The fragrances are bringing back memories, so usually the guests will remember your home for them. Be careful, the bad odors are equally remembered as the fragrances.

Sources of light

When they come to your house, the guests will surely notice the source of light, but also the artificial, how it is deployed through your house.

The color of your walls

Unless the walls are colored neutrally, the guests will create a strong opinion by themselves for the colors you choose for the walls. The red and brown are usually rejected by the guests.


The plants, flowers, greenery – and how visible are they.