Monday, 20 March 2017

WOW What A Shock: Read About The Effects That Negative Thoughts And Emotions Cause On Your Body


People feel a variety of different emotions, all type starting from happiness, to sadness to excessive joy and depression. All of these emotions form a different types of feelings into the body. Ultimately, the body is capable of letting go various chemicals when people feel different things which make us happy and every chemical functions in order to form a different environment into the body. Let’s say for example when the brain releases serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, people experience happiness and they feel great. Then, if a person feels stressed the body in that particular moment releases cortisol, which means that the person is experiencing a completely different feeling which is more connected with the body pushing into survival mode.
Then, what happens when people think about negative things the whole time? Or let’s say what happens when people think positively? Moreover, what happens when people are completely empty, they do not have neither positive nor negative thoughts?  Well, let us discover in what way this affects both the body and the life of people in general.
Is there some duality in people’s world? Of course, it is possible to say that there is indeed some degree, however most of the time people give out so much of their time defining and judging what is thought to be positive and what it is thought to be negative. The brain is an extremely strong instrument and when people try to interpret what a certain thing or situation is or it is supposed to be, people start to have that result happening into their world. Ok, let me ask you something. Have you ever seen let’s say a person driving and in one moment they are interrupted on the road and then that person begins losing his/her lid, become angry and in the next moment the person begins to feel negative, disappointed and in bad mood? On the other hand, there are people who can also get limited on the road or cut off better said, but those people will just push the brakes carefully and continue with the rest of their day like nothing never happened. This means that people may feel and see the same things but the difference is that some of them see it like positive thing others as negative. What does this mean, are things divided from the start to positive and negative? Or are people interpreting things as positive and negative?

Well, if think about it for a second you will come to the conclusion that actually there are no positive or negative things other than those that we interpret like that. Thus, our own perception of an experience or thing has the biggest power as in what way we feel when this is happening and in what way our bodies are going to be affected. Even though we may always try to go after our definitions of every experience and go into a state of mind/awareness/consciousness in which we just agree with every experience for what it is and we use it as a learning are for us, we probably are not there right now and so it is essential to perceive in what way several emotions are able to influence our health.
“If a person desires in obtaining good health, that person must first of all question himself/herself whether he/she is able to eliminate things responsible for his problems. If it is, then there is a probability to help him/her.” ~ Hippocrates
The links between the mind and the body is extremely strong and even though it is not possible to be seen with the eyes, the effects the mind expresses on the physical body are very deep. People may have a completely positive mental attitude and work directly with the internal challenges in themselves in that way they may form a healthy lifestyle or on the other hand they can have negative attitude, be filled with self-destructive thoughts and not work to solve their with our internal problems, probably they will even wrap those problems with affirmations and positivity without trying to discover the root and due to this behavior people are able to an unhealthy lifestyle. Why is it like this?