Saturday, 22 April 2017

6 Signs A Nice Person Secretly Has Negative Intentions


You've likely been friends with someone...only to find out they really weren't your friend, and were just taking advantage of you. These six signs can help you avoid those situations in the future.

Here are six signs that a seemingly nice person may have less nice intentions:
1. They Repeatedly Make Demands

Manipulative people tend to make demands, as they're less interested in what is good for you, and more in what works best for them. They may believe they're superior to you, and that isn't healthy for you.

2. You Feel Bad After Talking To Them

Feeling strange after a conversation with someone is often your gut instinct telling you something isn't right. Trust your gut!

3. They Show Abnormal Eye Contact And Body Language

Manipulative people may use eye contact and body language to make you trust them, but if you look closely, you may be able to see through their act. Watch for forced eye contact, and uncomfortable gestures, and again, trust your gut.

4. They Use Persuasion As A Game

For manipulative people, persuasion is a game. They'll talk you into doing things you may not want to, but do anyway, because you want to help them. Peer pressure is a common tactic here. Again, be yourself, and trust your gut, and don't get sucked into their games.

5. They Use Humor To Insult You

If your seemingly nice friend regularly uses humor to insult, or follows up offensive statements with "just kidding," they're probably not entirely kidding. In fact, this may be a way of making themselves feel superior, or to make you look bad in front of others, so that by comparison they look better. This results from their own insecurities and need to play games, so don't stand for it.

6. Their Conversations Are Always One-Sided

If you notice a friend consistently dominating discussions, that means they aren't hearing you - and someone that doesn't hear you isn't a friend. Instead, this is a clear sign they're just using you. It can take a long time to notice this, but if you notice your conversations aren't balanced, know that that is a clear sign that what you have isn't actually a's one person manipulating and using the other.