Friday, 14 April 2017

Brands to boycott: Naked juice owned by PepsiCo, Odwalla owned by Coca-Cola


By now you likely know full well that not all brands are what they purport to be – in fact, most companies just want your money and otherwise stand for nothing at all.

But did you know your favorite juice brand may not be such a health food after all?
If you’re a fan of either Naked or Odwalla juices, you’re in for a rude surprise, as they’re owned by Pepsi and Coke, respectively.
In fact:
  • Odwalla has hardly been the same company since they were acquired by Coca-Cola in 2001; long gone are the days of raw food juices.
  • Naked Juice was sued for knowingly using GMOs – though they advertised as “all natural.”

  • Neither company use organic produce; both companies pasteurize their juices, so many nutrients no longer have much nutritional value by the time they make it to the shelf.
  • Both brands, however, label their products as “all natural.” What that means – given that they contain GMOs, artificial ingredients, and non-organic produce – is pretty unclear, but it sure sounds good!
Of course, those aren’t the only health brands in the corporate holdings.
Check out these other sell-outs:

  • Tostito’s Organic (Pepsi)
  • Tropicana Organic (Pepsi)
  • Honest Tea (Coca Cola)
Be smart when you shop – what you buy is what you support, whether you mean to or not.
And as always, the only way to no for sure is to buy local – from farmers you trust.