Friday, 14 April 2017

Companies Have Begun Implanting Microchips In Workers


n scenes that would be more suited to a science-fiction movie, one Swedish company has introduced microchips for their workers in an aim to simplify the working day.

Epicentre, a Swedish company has introduced a micro chipping service available to their employees in a program designed to phase out keys, cards and fobs, the Associated Press has reported.
AP reports:
“What could pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace is almost routine at the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter.”
“The company offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.”

Epicentre hosts more than 100 companies and 2,000 workers in total. The scheme was introduced in January 2015 and has seen 150 workers choose to be chipped.

Patrick Mesterson,  Epicentre co-founder told the AP :
“The biggest benefit, I think, is convenience.”
It basically replaces a lot of things you have, other communication devices, whether it be credit cards or keys.”
The procedure is performed by a ‘body hacker’ who administers the chip via syringe into the hand, near the thumb.

The microchip used is similar to those used in credit cards, they can store information only, not read it from other devices.

Micro chipping has been used for years to identify household pets, but this is the first time it has been used on a large scale with humans.

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