Wednesday, 5 April 2017



We all make soup using the popular stock cubes such as Ajimoto, Knorr, Maggi or Kitano. 
These cubes are considered healthy and safe for consumption, but no one is aware that their flavoring is very harmful due to the presence of a single ingredient – monosodium glutamate.
MSG is a chemical additive used in different foods and products that may cause tachycardia, skin allergies, headaches, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, depression and vomiting. 

Using commercial spices that contain it may cause life-threatening conditions – MSG stimulates acetylcholine production in the endocrine system, which reduces the glucose absorption and may result in neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s as well as weight gain.
Monosodium glutamate is the reason for the powerful flavor of stock cubes. MSG is present in almost all processed foods, especially in stock cubes and commercial spices. 
It affects the neurological function of the hypothalamus and makes us eat more, which, besides being unhealthy, is a great marketing trick that makes us buy more and more food. 
In order to prevent the health problems associated with the cubes from the aforementioned brands, you need to stop using them immediately.

 A better and safer solution is to dip some fresh natural spices in olive oil and freeze them in ice cube trays – whenever you need some flavoring, just take a cube out and add it to your broth, which is far a healthier option!