Friday, 14 April 2017

Trump Opens National Parks and Wildlife Refuges for Coal Mining


Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is helping corporations pillage the earth, as he’s begun the first steps toward Bureau of Land Management compliance with Trump’s executive order allowing coal mining on federal land – including national parks and wildlife refuges.

Zinke signed the repeal amidst fellow Republicans and lobbyists, saying this is a step toward increasing energy independence
Rather than doing the social cost of carbon, you have to look at the social cost of not having a job, too. All of us want clean air and clean water. And we’re going to make sure we ensure that.”
“This is also a full-scale review, looking at making sure we support the president’s objective of the energy independence policy.”

Of course, Zinke conveniently forgot numerous facts to which he, as Secretary of the Interior, is quite privy, including that there is far more growth in green jobs, and that Congress has already pretty well guaranteed that mining operations will no longer have any legal obligation toward clean water.
Experts also doubt that Trump’s policies will have any significant effect on job creation or energy independence.
This rollback on legislation means that there is little to no oversight of coal impact on water quality.

It also means that very few places are any longer immune from the siren of drills, including national parks and wildlife refuges.
All of this is of course befitting the current congress and administration, which is seemingly going out of it’s way to guarantee environmental degradation for the promise of a few quick bucks in an already rich pockets.
After all, this is the administration that doesn’t believe we need the EPA. What terrors lie yet ahead?