Sunday, 18 June 2017

13 Ancient Beauty Secrets That Are Useful even Today


Since ancient times, women have strived to look more beautiful. Some of these beauty secrets our predecessors had are helpful even today. Below, you have a list of some of the best natural beauty tricks.

100% Natural Beauty Tricks

Olive oil
Since Egyptian times, olive oil has been used for beautifying. Nowadays, olive oil is often the base in products like hair and skin care products. Olive oil makes a great makeup remover, earwax deposit remedy, antibacterial balm, cuticle conditioner, lip scrub, shaving cream, etc. It’s also great against eczema, diaper rash, and cracked heels.
Relaxing baths
Ancient Roman women spent a lot of time on baths and what’s more, Cleopatra was a huge fan of relaxing baths and she was known for her ritual of bathing in a mixture of milk and honey. This type of bath is known to exfoliate and soften the skin.
Aromatherapy massage
This type of massage is done with a mixture of essential oils and massage oils. Aromatherapy massage can treat a variety of health problems and it can also reduce stress and anxiety and provide a feeling of calmness.
Textured fabric instead of a scrub
If you don’t have a scrub, you should know that a textured fabric or a cloth makes a great remover of dead skin cells as well.
Honey masks
Egyptian and Ayurvedic medicine recommends raw honey as a cure for numerous disorders and skin wounds. Also, a mixture of honey and cinnamon is great against acne; honey, avocado, and whole milk yogurt is great against dry skin; and honey and aloe vera is highly beneficial for people who have sensitive skin.
Egg masks
Eggs are known to make the hair healthier, stronger, and shinier. Using eggs on the hair is a cheap, natural, and effective remedy that will prevent hair breakage, encourage its growth, and strengthen it.
Medicinal clay can be used to strengthen the hair, eliminate cellulite, or make the skin radiant and soft.
Lemon juice
Besides having the power to help with a lot of health problems, lemon juice can also better the quality of the skin and hair. You can use it as a treatment for blackheads, a bleacher for the elbows and knees, a moisturizer (lemon juice and coconut water), teeth whitener (lemon juice and baking soda), lip exfoliator, nail strengthener, and hair lightener.
Sour cream
Believe it or not, when applied on the hands, sour cream will make them soft and tender.
Henna and Basma
For a long period of time, women have used these 2 ingredients to strengthen and dye their hair naturally.
Rosehip and cream balm
Combining rosehip and cream makes a great balm which will soften the skin. The preparation is so easy and the results are amazing!
Using sugar for epilation has been used for thousands of years. Sugaring is similar to removing hair with wax, i.e. it removes the hair shaft from the surface, but without damaging the skin.