Monday, 12 June 2017



We all know at least one person who posts his/her fitness routine on Facebook. You are probably familiar with people posing in the gym with their T­shirts raised to reveal their six packs.
Moreover, they also update you on their healthy lifestyle and constantly repeat how much they care both for their health and the physical appearance.
According to the psychology lecturer Dr. Tara Marshall, you can find out a lot about people’s personality traits by reading their facebook statuses. This was the reason for a group of researchers at Brunel University to do a survey on 555 Facebook users.
According to the research, people whose facebook posts are more related to their healthy diet or workout program, tend to be narcissists.
The researchers have concluded that the main reason for these people to post their diet and fitness updates is their need for validation and motivation from their facebook friends. These posts actually receive many likes. However, the reality is different. Namely, Dr. Tara Marshall suggests that even though the results imply that narcissists’ facebook posts get more comments and likes, it could also mean that their friends offer them their support out of politeness while secretly detesting such egotistical expression.
The earlier mentioned survey has measured the five personality traits (neuroticism, agreeableness, extroversion, conscientiousness and openness), narcissism and self­esteem.
Accordingly, people who have low self­esteem frequently post updates regarding their romantic partner. People that are more conscientious prefer to write updates about children. While narcissists usually post their achievements or diet routine since they need validation and motivation from their facebook friends.
So, in future be more careful when you post your habits on facebook because it can reveal a lot about your personality.