Thursday, 6 July 2017



In this Post, we are going to present you with beauty tips and tricks which will help make your life easier and help you save time.
-Alternative eyebrows gel
Instead of using eyebrow gel, apply some ordinary hairspray and using an old mascara brush, set your eyebrows.
-Whitening your nails

Simply soak a cotton pad in lemon juice, wrap it around each nail and cover it with foil for 15 minutes.
-Remembering when to use a product by
Immediately after opening a product, write on the label with a marker when it expires.
-Emergency help for a broken nail
To deal with a broken nail, put an ordinary tea bag, before shaping the cut off tea bag in the missing nail piece and polishing it.
-Eye drops for dry mascara
Use eye drops or contact lens fluid to bring dry mascara back to life.
-Cleaning hair straighteners and curlers
To clean your hair straightness, mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and wipe it along the surface using a soft tissue.
-Use blusher to give your lipstick a matte finish
Use a blusher to give your lips a luxurious matte look.
-The perfect manicure
Apply some lip balm or Vaseline to the skin around your nails before applying nail polish, so it can be removed easily if your skin is stained.
-Protect your cosmetic products while traveling
Place a cotton wool pads over the top of your powder, blusher and eye shadow to make sure they don’t crack while ravelling.
-A plate for washing your brushes
Prepare a homemade plate for washing your brushes using hot glue and an ordinary plastic plate. Make random shapes using the hot glue, and when it is dried, mix some water and shampoo, while rubbing the brushes against the plate until the water turning from them turns clear.
-One trick for dried-out eyeliner
Simply remove the brush head of a dried out eyeliner pen and turn it around.
-Baby oil instead of foam for shaving
Instead of using shaving foam, use baby oil. It will avoid irritation and moisturize your skin.

-A soak for the skin on your feet
In order to have smooth baby-soft skin on your feet, wash them with a mixture of 2 cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of mouthwash.
-Get rid of hair static
To get rid of static hair and smooth it out, use ordinary dryer sheets and pas them through the full length of your hair.
-One great trick for lipstick
After applying lipstick, suck on your finger for a second or two. This will make the excess lipstick stick on your finger instead of your teeth.
-Weird hacks for skin and travel
Remove whiteheads using a bobby pin. Place the head of the pimple in the center of the looped end and push down gently.
-Bulldog clip
To avoid cutting yourself when digging through your bag, use a bulldog clip over your razor.