Thursday, 27 July 2017



Onions are basically used as a flavoring to any dish. Some may not want them, but it is undeniable that they are amazingly effective addition to make dishes tastier.
They are more than just for flavor. Your home-cooked meals can be healthier, thanks to this superfood.

Onions can sting the eyes when being chopped, but the following fivefacts about them will not make your eyes water with irritation:
-Be toxin-free
Onions will help you remove harmful toxins inside your body. Accumulation of these toxins can be life-threatening. Eat onions raw and you will be detoxified in no time.
-Get rid of recurrent fever
Eating onions is not the only way to get the health benefits. If you have recurrent fever, put a slice of onion inside your socks before you sleep at night. This is an effective remedy to lower your temperature easily without the need for prescription drugs.
-Have a healthier heart
Onions contain sulfur compounds, which have anti-clotting properties. These compounds help prevent blood platelets from clumping, which is one of the causes of heart attack. Regular consumption of onions can also lower your blood cholesterol, which is important for your heart as well.
-Stop inflammatory reactions
Onions also have anti-inflammatory properties just like its cousin, the garlic. Onions hinder the movement of the white blood cells, which are responsible for triggering inflammatory reactions. The antioxidants found in onions also prevent the production of fatty acids in our body that are linked to inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.
-Soothe that burn
You cannot avoid burns, especially when you do your kitchen duties. While there are burn creams on the market, you can use onions to treat them. Simply cut onions into halves and place them on your burned skin. Leave the onion for a couple of minutes to relieve yourself from the pain.
Onions have much of health benefits and you can maximize them by knowing how to properly use an onion.If you already halved an onion for the day, do not keep it for more than two days because you may not be able to enjoy its health benefits. Onions are best when fresh, so when choosing to buy onions, go for the ones which are unsoiled, well-shaped, and do not have openings on the neck. This way, you can have all the benefits one of the healthiest foods in the world has to offer.