Friday, 28 July 2017

One Juice Can Treat Diabetes, Hypertension, Gastritis And It Even Kills Cancer Cells


The traditional medicine has been using raw potatoes for quite long because of their incredible health benefits. This article is going to be right about the health benefits of potato juice. We will also show you how you can prepare yourself some tasty and healthy juice.
The medicinal value of potato juice has been acknowledged by numerous health experts and herbalists, including Dr. Jovana Tucakova and Ivan Lesinger. They have been writing about the benefits of potato juice.
Lesinger explains that potato juice is a natural cure for gastritis, and it is pretty efficient in treating this ailment. To this end, one should consume a tablespoon of potato juice diluted with some water, half an hour before each meal.

In case that one struggles with stomach and duodenum ulcers, they are advised to consume half a deciliter of potato juice every morning before breakfast and another half deciliter half an hour before lunch and dinner.
Dr. John Tucakov says that potato juice is an efficient remedy for lowering the levels of sugar in the blood and for treating lung diseases and other respiratory complications. The potato juice is also beneficial when it comes to treating some severe diseases like emphysema.
Moreover, there is this Buddhist monk, Tomizawa, who claims that the consumption of two deciliters of potato juice a day can considerably contribute to the treatment of cancer and other serious ailments.
Nowadays, potato juice is getting more and more popular and it is becoming a significant tool in the fight against liver, kidney, and heart diseases. Moreover, it is increasingly being used against diabetes, hypertension, rheumatism, and lumbago.

Here are some of the benefits of potato juice:

– Potato juice is beneficial when it comes to losing weight. You just need to consume one cup of potato juice every morning before breakfast and every evening, two to three hours prior to going to bed. Even though this juice does not have a nice taste, it will surely help you. In order to improve its taste, you can combine it with other juices, such as carrot juice, or you can add some honey so it tastes great.
– This juice is excellent for strengthening the immunity
– It is being used in cancer treatment – It cleanses the body from toxins – It reduces the levels of sugar in the blood
– It protects you from cardiovascular diseases
–Also It is highly efficient against gastritis and other stomach complications

– It is beneficial for fighting kidney and liver disease

– Also It is helpful for treating eczema and acne, and it will help you clear your skin very quickly
– Potato juice is an excellent and cheap detoxifying agent. If you want to flush out the toxins from your liver and gallbladder you should start using potato juice. People in Japan, as well as people from other parts of the world use this juice to treat hepatitis, and this remedy has been proven to be successful
– Potato juice is also excellent when it comes to lowering the levels of cholesterol. It will also improve your general health and well being
– This juice is a very efficient remedy against gout, as it flushes out the uric acid from the body You can also use the potato peel, as it has natural detoxifying effects.
The peel of this plant contains great amounts of nutrients, so if one consumes raw, unpeeled potatoes, they will supply their body with numerous valuable nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, as well as vitamins B6 and C.
Thanks to the presence of vitamin C, potatoes are an efficient remedy against skin issues, including acne and blackheads. All you have to do is to grind some potatoes and make a mask for your face skin. Applying this mask onto your skin will solve the skin problems you have.