Wednesday, 26 July 2017



In this article we are going to present you a full list of what the first letter of your name means. Read yours and let us know if you think that this study nailed it or not so much?
– A
The first letter from the alphabet means that you are all action. You are person that do not stop until you get what you really want. You are more passionate and adventurous than you actually look, and you have a lot of energy.

– B
You are a person who loves all the beautiful things, especially beautiful gifts. You equate gift-giving with affection and appreciation. You also have your sentimental side, so this is what makes it hard for you to throw away your kids’ artwork.
– C
If your name starts with C, it means that you are a creative and curious person, with a love of learning. You also have a rare gift for self-control, which makes it easier for you to make sacrifices when you have to…such as giving up goodies to lose weight.
– D
When your name starts with this letter it means that you are discriminating and determined, preferring the slow road to success. You also prefer a stable job in order to get-rich-quick schemes. But privately, you crave new ideas, as well as new people around you.
– E
E means that you are a great talker. You love sharing your ideas and you will even take the other side of the argument to stir up a fiery debate.
– F
If your name starts with this letter, it means that you are a very friendly person, and you always have a smile on your face. For you, life is more fun with other people than being all alone. You are most likely to play ringleader for group gatherings.
– G
G means that you are a hard-working go-getter, fastidious and a perfectionist. It’s hard for you to let go and have fun before the work is done. Others look to you to figure out how to make their lives more efficient.
– H
When it comes to thinking up goals to reach, the higher the better for you. But, you are a person that has a lucky star hanging over you, so you tend to get what you actually strive for.
– I
You are a person that enjoys pampering yourself, especially after a job well done. You need to feel loved, appreciated and looked up to. You also like to learn from your mate.
– J
If your name starts with this letter it means that you are a person that is blessed with tons of physical energy. You also have a strong sense of justice and fair play. You are a roamer at heart and you need to set out on your own every so often, even if it means just taking a walk in the woods by yourself.
– K
Those people whose name starts with K have strong willpower, and they value their privacy. Others perceive these people as someone who is not easily shaken up by stress. So, they are more likely to be chosen for management positions.
– L

If your name starts with L, romance is very important for you. n fact, some may say you’re in love with being in love. You need to be wined and dined, and your partner must be intellectually stimulating.
– M
You are a person who enjoys mothering others, since it makes them feel special. You’re also a whiz at multi-tasking, and seem to always be doing three or more things at once.
– N
You are not what you appear. You may seem unassuming and shy, but those who know you discover you have a deep-thinking, analytical mind. You like the things to be just so and you will always make sure your outfit and makeup are perfect.
– O
Your family means everything to you. You also get everyone to tell you their deepest secrets, and your loved ones know you’ll do anything to help a family member in need.
– P
If your name starts with P, you strive for harmony at all costs. You are also the family mediator, the office negotiator, and the peace-keeper among your friends.
– Q
Q means that you require constant activity. Your energy also attracts people around you, although they may have some hard time keeping up with you. You also like to befriend people from other cultures, as you believe that you can learn so much from them.
– R
You’re a no-nonsense, action-oriented person who uses reason and logic to get what you want. You make a great mediator because you can see all sides of the argument from an intellectual point of view.
– S
If your name starts with S, for you it is business before pleasure. But, you are also a person that is romantically idealistic. Once you make a commitment, you stick to it like glue.
– T
You are a person that first needs to see the things and then believe in them. You have an investigative mind. You also prefer traditional roles in marriages, with the man in charge.
– U
U means that everything has to be ultimate for you, as you have a generous heart and you give all for your family and friends too. What makes you happy is making sacrifices for those you love.
– V
This letter means that you are a vivacious individual with varied tastes. You’re unconventional, and you need freedom and space. You are attracted to eccentric types, and respond to danger, thrills and suspense. What you also enjoy is volunteering, as you are community-minded.
– W
W means that you are willful, and that is what actually helps you in succeeding at everything that you do. For example, if you want to host some memorable party, you will stay up late researching recipes to wow your guests.
– X
This means that you need excitement. You like almost anything that is new- new people, new places, new clothes, and so on. You get bored very easily but our impulsiveness makes you fun to be around.
– Y
You like to be the person that makes all the decisions. Most likely, you are in marriage with someone who is happy to hand you the reigns to create the kind of wonderful life you envision for your family.
– Z
Z means that you go through life with a zest that makes others envious. You also have the knack for being in the right place at the right time, which may be the reason why so great opportunities seem to fall into your lap.