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Some may say that the world is ruled by the leaders, the royalty, presidents, religion or even politicians and such. Others say that the world is in fact ruled by some of the most dangerous, powerful and secret societies, all of which have remained mysterious. The secret societies are powerful due to the fact that members take virtually every seat when it comes to power. This is from the boardrooms of Wall Street to the corridors of government. They are often considered dangerous as they carry out rituals that are bizarre and always do business behind doors that are closed.
Many secret societies have existed for many centuries, and they have had a mysterious influence on the world, here are ten secret societies that hold the key to just about everything in the world today.

The Skull and Bones secret society is one society that has been surrounded by more conspiracy theories that any other. The society was founded by students at Yale in 1832, and one of the most popular of conspiracies behind it is that the founders of the CIA were members and they still have control over it. It has been criticized for taking part in just about everything, from strange sexual acts to the assassination of President Kennedy, the smuggling of drugs and even espionage. THE BILDERBERG GROUP The Bilderberg group started life in the Netherlands in 1954, and they existed mainly in the US and Europe. Members of the society were said to be some of the most influential and powerful people in the world, including presidents and leaders of the EU. One of the most famous conspiracy theories linked to the group is that it was run by Nazis and that it is behind the Republican Party in the US and trying to impose one world government. THE FREEMASONS The Freemasons are all males, and the Society was founded in London in 1717 and today is said to have more than six million members spread all over the world. It has been said that among the members were Harry Houdini, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Mozart and Benjamin Franklin. The Freemasons are known for their secret handshakes and passwords, and it has been said that they designed the Pyramids along with plotting the French Revolution. THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR The Knights Templar was formed in 1119 by nine knights, and they were a Catholic military order that had been specifically put together to protect any pilgrims that were making their way to the Holy Land along with being said to guard some of the most sacred treasures of the Christians. They are said to have developed one of the earliest forms of banks, and they built fortifications in the Holy Land and Europe. While the society ended in 1312, it is said that the Freemasons keep them alive. THE HASHASHIN The Hashashin are also known as the Assassins, and they have become known to be among the most fearsome of secret societies in the world. They are said to have been behind the assassination of political and religious enemies, despite the amount of security personnel that was guarding targets. The contract killers formed during the late 11th century but were vanquished towards the end of the 13th. THE CADAVER SOCIETY The Cadaver Society is made up of students from the Lee University and Washington University, and it has been said that there are still many underground passages left behind that have not been detected and which the members of the society use to get around the campus. The Cadaver Society has been said to be one branch of the Illuminati, this group the control of banks and governments. HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was found during the late 19th century, and it is dedicated to studying the occult, metaphysics and the paranormal. The society is also known as the Golden Dawn, and it has been one of the biggest influences on western occultism during the 20th century, such as Wicca. THE ORDO TEMPLIS ORIENTIS The Ordo Templis Orientis is a religious and fraternal society that has been based on the Freemasonry structure and to a degree, it has been centered on occultism. Ancient Egyptian Gods and Devils are said to be invoked in the rituals that take place, and some of the rituals are performed naked and make use of virgin priestesses, priests and even children. THE ROSICRUCIANS The Rosicrucians were founded in the early 15th century by German Protestants, and the society was considered to be very dangerous during this time as they used occult practices to change the world. It was said that they had been the guiding force that has been behind every revolution that has been significant in modern history. THE ILLUMINATI One of the most well-known secret societies and the most popular is the Illuminati. It was said that they were formed to put an end to superstition, the religious influence people had over public life and the abuse of state power. The secret society is said to be made up mostly of atheists, and it has been alleged that they have conspired for the establishment of a New World Order to gain political power using the media to try to brainwash people.

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