Monday, 7 August 2017



The blood sample from this old man is identical in its composition as it was the day it was taken, which confuses medical experts.
The famous Georgian doctor Zurab Georgievich Varazi tells about the day he went to take a blood sample from
Father Gabriel only several days before his death.

“Several days before Father Gabriel had passed away, I decided to take a blood sample for analysis. When I came to the Father, he asked me why I had needed it. I explained to him that I needed to check the level of his hemoglobin. He answered that he didn’t needed and wasn’t interested in the hemoglobin. I took his hand and told him that God would punish me if something happened to him. His answer was that if God punished me for that precisely, I could take whatever amount of blood I needed.
I took the blood sample, but didn’t even anticipate that a miracle would happen. We usually take about 10 ml of blood for analysis. My colleague took the sample and went to Tbilisi. But, he dropped the tube accidentally and the blood had spilt. Only 2 ml of blood were left. In the laboratory, they assured me that it was enough to perform an analysis on it.
The following day, the Father had been having some health issues and needed a surgery, but he declined. He told God that he was with him since he was 12 years old. He was tired and couldn’t take it anymore. He demanded for his sinful soul to be taken.
I left the Father having heavy thoughts: Euthanasia is a sin and if you don’t help a dying man, that’s also a sin. While I was traveling back I went to see Patriarch Ilia. He asked about everything and had blessed me not to do anything that was against the Father’s will. After that, I was told that the Father was in a very difficult condition. When I arrived to see him, the Father was lying and he was looking into an icon of St. Nicholas without looking away. I asked him if I was disturbing him, but he didn’t answer. That night, the Bishop Danilo came and read him a prayer. When the prayer was finished, Father Gabriel smiled, his body started shaking and his heart stopped beating.
Several years later, a colleague of mine called me to tell me that they were cleaning the laboratory and found the tube with the Father’s blood test, taken four years ago.

He told me that his blood was fresh! I really wanted to see that! The blood really looked fresh! It wasn’t even clotted a bit!
I took one drop in the syringe and took it to the laboratory again. The analysis showed that everything was normal. When I told my colleagues that the blood was four years old, they didn’t believe it and we couldn’t understand what was going on with the Father’s blood either.