Sunday, 22 October 2017

A Nightmare For Every Parent: A Doberman Grabbed Their Daughter, But Then They Realized The Bitter Truth!


Charlotte was only 17 months ago, when her parents adopted a Doberman and named it Kan. The dog was abused by the previous owners and was saved at the last minute.

However, only four days after the arrival of the new member of the family, something happened that no one expected:
Kan and Charlotte were in the garden, when the large dog suddenly began to show signs of aggression. He pushed the girl aside and then took her diaper and began to wave it as a flag. Then he threw her into a bush.
Charlotte’s mother was in shock, could not believe her eyes – but then she realized what was the reason for this. Kan noticed a poisonous snake that came directly towards the girl. Although aggressive at first sight, the dog’s behavior saved the girl’s life.

If he was a few seconds late the poisonous snake would have bitten the girl. Instead, the snake bit the dog, but fortunately, veterinarians were able to save his life! The dog is now feeling well…
Although this dog was part of the family just four days, he proved to be a true hero – he put his life on the line to save Charlotte.
Thank Kan- you showed to be a true hero, and no one will forget that. Another proof that dogs are unreservedly loyal!