Friday, 6 October 2017

Chinese Face Map Reveals Which Part Of Your Body Is Sick!


Chinese healers have been using the face as a map for ailments for centuries. They believe that everything that goes on in the body shows on the face, which knowing how to read the signs on the “map” can help you treat or prevent potential issues.
No matter what kind of imbalance you’re experiencing, it will manifest on the face in the form or acne, skin inflammation, rashes or pimples. Here’s how to read the indications of different ailments on your face:

Forehead– small intestine and bladder problems

The normal diet nowadays includes too much processed food, sugar and alcohol which can slow down your digestion. This allows accumulation of fats in the body, which is revealed on the forehead through rashes or pimples. To resolve the problem, avoid drinking too much alcohol, eliminate all processed foods from your diet and try to rest properly overnight. Staying hydrated is necessary as well, so make sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day.

In between the eyebrows – liver

Issues connected to the liver usually show between the eyebrows. They are generally brought on by toxic overload in the liver, which impairs its function and allows toxic substances to collect in the body, causing a variety of problems. To treat the issue, consume a healthy diet based on fresh fruit and vegetables and stay physically active.

Eyebrow arch – kidneys

Alcohol abuse, poor circulation, smoking cigarettes and a weakened heart are all caused by kidney issues. Consume less coffee and alcohol and stay hydrated to avoid bigger issues.

Nose – heart

Acne and other skin problems on the nose may be caused by cardiovascular problems, bad circulation, high blood pressure or air pollution. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check and drink green tea every day to clean the body of toxins and allow it to work properly.

Upper cheeks – lungs

Rashes and redness on the cheeks is usually caused by cigarette smoking, asthma and pollution. These factors can also be the reason for the dark circles under your eyes. To fix the problem, stop smoking cigarettes and avoid going to polluted areas.

Cheeks – lungs and kidneys

Acne on the cheeks are usually brought on by unhealthy diet, stress, smoking cigarettes and excessive sugar consumption. Start consuming a healthy diet and use cosmetics of the highest quality in order to keep the skin on your cheeks clean.

Mouth and chin – digestive problems

Eating a diet full of sugar and fat and drinking too much alcohol and coffee can show on the mouth and chin. Staying up late and being stressed for a longer period can also cause issues in these areas. To solve them, consume a diet based on fruits and vegetables, or consult your doctor if the problem doesn’t disappear.

Jaw and neck – hormones

Not drinking lots of water, consuming too much salt and seasoned food along with drinking too much coffee can certainly throw your hormones out of balance and will show on the skin of your jaw and neck. To prevent bigger issues, stay hydrated by drinking the recommended amount of water every day (6-8) glasses, and reduce your salt and caffeine consumption.