Tuesday, 10 October 2017

These Are The 5 Health Benefits Of Kamias That Everybody Should Know!


Kamias is not a widely known fruit however it has started to gain recognition in many countries. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the benefits this fruit provides due to the numerous nutrients it contains. It is very powerful and can be particularly helpful in treating the following health issues.

1. Treating Stiff Muscle Pain

Just take one handful of leaves kamias, one grain kaimas fruit, 10 grains of cloves, and the last 15 grains peppercorns. Crushed all of that until soft then added vinegar.¬ Put it on the spot of pain.

2. Treating Toothache

Better use this natural way if you do not have the means to go to a pharmacy. The way to get this powerful natural tool is easy. Just crush it and put on the teeth.

3. Overcome Acne

Kamias’ acid properties can help in treating acne. Just crush into fine powder and apply topically as needed.

4. Treating Cough

Prepare a few grains of fennel, 3 grains of kamias, and sugar. Mix in water and steam for a couple of hours. Drink twice a day on an empty stomach to absorb the nutrients faster.

5. Rheumatism

Take a handful of Kamias leave and exactly one grain of Kamias. Crush until fine then add whitling and mix. Apply the paste on the area 2-43 times a day for best results.