Friday, 20 October 2017

This Dog Kept Coming Into Her House To Sleep, Then She Found This Little Note Attached To His Collar!


A sweet, old, tired-looking but well-fed and in a good shape dog wanders into a woman’s house and curls up on the floor in order to sleep.

After the sleep session the dog leaves the house and returns again the very next day for another nap. The dog kept coming and leaving the house for few weeks until the woman decided to attach a written message on its collar in order to find out why a stranger’s dog uses her house for sleeping only. She hoped its owner would read the note and send her a reply.
When the dog returned with another note attached to its collar, the woman found out the truth.
She said that the dog came into her house calmly and she gave it few pats on its head. Then, it followed her in the house and curled up on the floor in the hall and fell asleep. After an hour of sleeping the dog went towards the door to leave the house. This has continued for several weeks.
She attached a note on the its collar to find out who is the owner of that kind and sweet dog and to ask if the addressed person is aware that the dog comes into her house every afternoon in order to sleep.
When the dog returned with another note the woman discovered that it was living in a house with six children. Two of them were under the age of three, so the dog was trying to compensate for the lack of sleep.
Those children who live with such loving and protective pets are really lucky. However, they also need to escape a bit from the chaos left by the children.